Quality Assurance and Safety are keywords at APP

APP’s quality policy is focussed on process control, in the first place in order to reach maximum effectiveness and efficiency of existing processes, secondly to also control the introduction of new processes, necessary for the intended growth and product diversification.

Our quality management system complies to the rules of the ISO 9001 standard since 1999.  Additional provisions can easily be taken into account when required by the customer. Especially with aerospace requirements many years of experience is acquired. This resulted in certification according EN 9100 by the ASD-EASE association of major European Aerospace companies. Both the ISO 9001 and the EN 9100 certificates can be sent upon request.

Safety plays an important role at APP in order to reduce the risk of personal injury, environmental damage and damage to buildings, equipment and facilities. All (near) incidents are reported and thoroughly evaluated. Our products are designed to be safe in use when following the handling procedures prescribed in the relevant User Manual.