Propellant production

APP is perfectly equipped for the production of solid composite propellant grains. In our climate controlled production facility we have the following equipment available:

  • Mixers
  • Casting vacuum chamber
  • Curing cabinets for curing of the propellant at elevated temperatures after casting

Propellant production facility A4
Propellant production facility A4
Mixer for solid propellant
Mixer for solid propellant

Assembly, inspection and testing

Our assembly, inspection and test facility has several rooms for assembly of igniters and gas generators. For assembly activities requiring a high cleanliness level, a class 100.000 / ISO 8 clean room is available.

Even higher levels of cleanliness are feasible by  performing assembly activities in a clean bench placed inside the clean room. A range of dedicated equipment is available for the assembly of our products:

  • Grit blasting equipment
  • Ultrasonic cleaning facility
  • Milling machine for machining propellant grains
  • TIG welding machine for welding products containing solid propellant

We have extensive facilities for inspections and testing:

  • Chemical laboratory
  • X-ray inspections
  • Ultrasonic inspections
  • Internal visual inspection by endoscope
  • Tensile testing
  • Leak and pressure testing
  • Thermal cycling

Very important for product development and product assurance during production is our firing test facility. In this facility we can test propellant samples but also complete products. Tests can be performed at ambient, low or high temperature levels and we can measure internal gas pressure, temperature, mass flow and thrust.

Assembly, Inspection and Test facility A2
Assembly, Inspection and Test facility A2