APP Office Building A1Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V. (APP) develops and produces gas generators for many applications.

Our gas generators produce hot or cold gases and can be used for rocket engine ignition, starting a rocket engine turbo pump, expelling a powder for dust explosion suppression, providing oxygen for medical purposes etc. etc.

The history of our company starts in 1985. At that time APP was founded by TNO, the Dutch Organisation for Applied Research. APP first activities were completely dedicated to producing propellant for the igniters and starter of the Ariane 5 Vulcain rocket engine. In 1995 Stork joined TNO as a shareholder of APP and our activities expanded to the complete production of the Vulcain igniters and starters. Since then our activities have increased with the development and production of many new gas generators. In 2009 TNO acquired all the APP shares of Stork and in 2014 Herakles, part of the Safran group, acquired a stake of 70% in APP.

APP has a straightforward company structure with a production department and an engineering department. Today APP employs about 45 people, but we intend to keep growing! We have all capabilities and facilities available for technology development, engineering and production. Our activities can be performed along the highest quality standards as required for example for our space products. Special attention is given to the safety of our products and our production facility.